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In September 2018, I started Graphic Communication at UC SYD in Haderslev, Denmark. We learn about the different Adobe programs, and get skills in typography, graphic design, motion graphics, prototypes, composition, photography and much more.

Here is my portfolio so far, I can't wait to share with you all the future projects!


School Project

We had to create the (fictional) packaging for a jazz LP made by Jan Harbeck Quartet. The exercise was to create a universe inspired by the music.

I found the album very dreamy and mysterious but also playful. I illustrated these feelings with a flying humpback whale, a big intelligent animal, and skies with green halos and fluffy clouds. The typo forms an organised chaos, just like some of the tracks on the album. 

If you want to hear some of Jan Harbeck Quaret's music, please go to

Made in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, 2019


School Project

Photography exercise, where each of us had to make a portrait of a classmate. Before taking the pictures, we interviewed each other and searched for locations.

In this portrait I wanted to show the beautiful, the goofy and the rowdy personality traits of Julie.

Photographed with a Canon EOS 500D, edited in Adobe Photoshop, 2018


School Project

Composition exercise with three elements and a simple background. We all had to make a bush, a bird, a stone and a title.

Made in Adobe Illustrator, 2018


School Project

Photography exercise, where we had to make a fictive poster for Carlberg's campaign "That calls for a Carlsberg". 

I wanted to make my poster open for interpretation. Is it a break from the everyday chaos or a celebration of your accomplishments? In my opinion, both situations call for a cold beer.

Photographed with a Canon EOS 500D, edited in Adobe Photoshop, 2018


School Project

Fictive gift card for a webshop that sells food made from seaweed.

The illustrations are made with watercolours, edited in Adobe Photoshop. The layout I made in Adobe Indesign, 2018


School Project

Packshot of a ready-made soup in a bottle. I chose to focus on the ingrediens in the soup, by making patterns with the garlic, basil and tomatoes. The wooden background is meant to give the footage a rustic feel.

Adobe Premiere, 2019


School Project

We each got a section of the song, to which we had to make a motion graphic, that would be projectet on the schools facade for a party.

The theme of the party was space, and we were restricted to use the same colours in order to create an overall expression.

This project I made with my classmate Nina Schultz. 

Made in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, 2019


School Project

Prototype for a fictive app. This is a guide to Kolding city in Denmark. You can click on each of Koldings attractions and "read" about the building. 

Elements made in Adobe Illustrator and animation i Adobe XD, 2019

Try it by clicking on the moving icons!

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