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Hello, my name is Dalva Skov and I am studying Graphic Communication in Haderslev, Denmark. I am in search of an internship from October 2020, either in Denmark or in France. 

I find the research part of a project very inspiring, but I especially thrive in the executive phase. My workflow is very iterative, so  I can keep a fresh eye on my project and incorporate new knowledge, along the way. I use my experience in making art, to mix analog and digital mediums to give my design an edge.


I love books and illustrations, packaging, cover- and poster-design. That being said, I am open to the possibilities that may come my way, it is to early for me to exclude any fields of graphic design.


One day, I would love to go freelance, but in the meantime, I am eager to learn more about  the industry, how to work with clients and know about other designer's way of thinking.

I am proud to say, that I am also a webshop owner! In my webshop you will find illustrations and limited linocut prints. My illustrations are often mixed media and it can be everything from inks or acrylics to pencils and markers.

I also print linocuts on t-shirts and totebags, both organic and fair trade. Those are not for sale in my webshop, but you can get yours by contacting me either by e-mail or on Instagram

I am always in search of new creative projects. If you are interested in collaborating with me professionally or just for fun, please feel free to contact me!

CVR nr.: 37075361

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