- prints and illustrations in the making -

Behind the scenes is a page dedicated to my working process. I hope to inspire and unveil the secrets of linocut printing, painting and drawing at home. Behind the polished portfolio and Instagram feed hides a lot of messy hours at my desk, so here you get a sneak peekā€¦

Contact me if you want to know more about the techniques, I would be happy to share my knowledge with you!

Colouring with acrylic paint and markers
Printmaking essentials
Drawing in the making
Cropping a print
Carved linoleum
Printing totebags
Sketch for a linocut
Mixing colours
Getting inspired
Fresh prints drying
Inking the linocut
Garden activities
Printed tees drying
Green screen
Colour pallet
Printing a tshirt
In production
Carved linoleum
Waiting for paint to dry
Mixing colours
Linout drawer
Step 1 : blending the colours
Step 2: Put the linoleum on yout medium
Step 3: press the linoleum onto your mideum
Watercolor, markers and fineliners
The beginning of a drawing
Stash of organic and fairtrade tshirts and totebags
Thoughtful Cyclops linocut
Exlibris linocut
Mask linocut
Star linocut

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