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In my portfolio you will find art printsstickers and originals.

I experiment a lot with different techniques and colours. Some of the paintings below are painted with ink, others with watercolours. I also like to mix  acrylic paint, markers and pencils.

The art prints are linocuts printed by hand. The prints are in limited edition and each one of them is unique. I make the art prints in different versions, to explore the different expressions hidden in a subject.

If you are interested in my work, you are welcome to contact me or visit my shop.

Out of the box plant - acrylic paint and watercolour
Desert landscape - watercolour and markers
Desert landscape - linocut print
Buildings - Acrylics, posca and  crayons
Hide'n'seek - Ink - Posca - Collage
Officer - Ink - Posca
Hand of Fries - Ink
Egyptian Queen - Linocut
Mountain Bridge  - Ink
Fish Eater - Linocut
YO - Stickers - Inkjet
Lobster - Ink - Posca - Collage
Maneater -Linocut
Portrait - Ink - Collage
Mountain - Ink, Collage
Zebra Tiger - Ink - Collage

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